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Reindeer Brand – Why is it one of its kind?

Reindeer Brand - Why is it one of its kind?

How often we go to an electronics store and look around and enquire about various brands their features their benefits, and take the decision very precisely. And how often do we give similar attention when it comes to tapes? We often see electrical tapes around us, and just consider it some regular, colored tapes and do not give attention to its features, like whatever our hardware store salesperson gives we take it and head straight to home or the location where the tape has to be used. Remember, every product that we use for ourselves or around us needs to be great in quality and should be good for all the weather. Today, let us consider Reindeer Brand and see its features, and why is it one of its kind.

Based on a vinyl film and coated with a balanced combination of high-quality rubber adhesives, Reindeer Brand PVC Insulation Tape is characterized by excellent performance and durability. Reindeer tapes, just like our other electrical tapes such as Gomec, Mexiko Wonder, Reindeer Wonder are used for insulation, protection, bundling, maintenance, color coding, and many other applications.

Our Reindeer Brand PVC tape is highly stretchable and conformable, making them ideal for indoor and weather-protected outdoor applications. Specific product features and benefits include:

  • Length: It comes in 9 Meter length, longest in our range of PVC Insulation Tapes. With 18mm Width.
  • Five Colors: It comes in 5 colors to color code the wires. The colors include Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, and Green.
  • Surface Finish: Its surface has a matte finish, giving it an easy grip when using Reindeer Brand Tape.
  • Strong Adhesion: Reindeer Brand tapes comes with really strong adhesion, making it easy to use in indoor as well as outdoor applications.
  • High Tensile Strength: It has a tensile strength of 150N / 10mm.

Few days before we had tested our product, and the outcome amazed us. You can check our video here: https://fb.watch/7j9JVEwsAh/

Thus, fully tested, our Reindeer Brand Tape is one of its kind, having features such as a variety of colors, matte finish, and high tensile strength, makes it easy and conformable to use indoor as well outdoor applications. Follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn & Instagram and stay updated about our products and about us!

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