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Cushion Compound Rubber Tape/Roll: Features, Installation & Application

Gomec Cushion Compund Rubber Tape

Cushion compound rubber tape, which is also known as self-fusing or self-amalgamating tape, is a rubber-based, extremely versatile, non-tacky material, making them very easy to use and apply. Gomec Cushion Compound Rubber Tape delivers one of the most versatile insulating, waterproofing, splicing, protecting, repairing, and bonding solutions available in the market. Once stretched and overlapped, the tape amalgamates with itself to deliver a highly flexible and conformable custom rubber molding.

Features of our Cushion Compound Rubber Tapes:

Learn why Gomec Cushion Compound Rubber Tape stands out of the crowd:

  • Primary insulation: Cushion Compound Rubber Tape gives primary insulation to electrical wires & cable splices up to 600V.
  • Self- Fusing: Cushion Compound Rubber Tape, comes with a liner and it is self-fusing it is able to adhere to itself without any type of glue or adhesive.
  • High quality and un-vulcanized rubber that bonds quickly to itself to form a solid mass and provide water-tight protection for electrical wires
  • High elongation: Its high elongation power makes it possible to stick to almost all the surfaces including some uneven surfaces.
  • High resistance to salt water, steam, oils, detergents, and other chemicals making it an ideal tape for underground motor -pumps, pipe repair, automotive, etc.

Installing a Cushion Compound Rubber Tape:

As discussed earlier, our Rubber Tape comes with a liner to keep the tape from adhering to itself before use. To install the tape, you need to start with peeling away a portion of the protective liner, and then start wrapping the tape around the surface or object you are trying to cover with the tape.

The best practice of wrapping a tape around the cable is wrapping the tape over itself by 50%, which means once you wrap the first layer of the tape, you should overlap your second layer on half of the first layer, and so on. This practice ensures that you get a very strong bond and the tapes will adhere properly to one another.

Applications of Gomec Cushion Compound Rubber Tape:

Cushion Compound Rubber Tapes are used in the following areas:

  • Water-proofing of cable & wire joints:
  • Protection from leakage
  • Repairing and bonding solutions
  • Electrical Semi-Conducting
  • Protect and insulate up to 600V
  • Proper Wrapping of wires

Gomec Cushion Compound Rubber Tape comes in 1 Meter with a width of 15 mm. We also have a Cushion Compound Rubber Roll that weighs 1kg with a width of 200 mm. We also have Cushion Compound Rubber Roll in Mexiko Wonder with the same features.

Thus, our Cushion Compound Rubber Tape comes in a variety and it is very easy to use, which makes our lives easy! Follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn  Instagram & YouTube and stay updated about our products !

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