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Learn about our Mexiko Wonder® PVC Insulation Tape

Mexiko Wonder PVC Insulation Tape

Mexiko Wonder® PVC insulation tape made from soft PVC. Its adhesive layer of natural rubber features a high degree of adhesive strength and is extremely stretchable. The product’s other properties include its resistance to ageing and weather. Suitable for many electrical insulation applications like splicing, insulation, protection, bundling, maintenance & Decorative and color-coding applications.

Features of Mexiko Wonder PVC Insulation Tape:

  • Our Mexiko Wonder PVC tape has a tensile strength of upto 150N/10mm Width per MM.
  • Its adhesion to steel is 1.6N / 10MM Width.
  • It has electrical strength at room temperature is 40 KV / mm & 35 KV / mm after humid conditions.
  • It is flame retardant & has glossy surface finish.
  • And meets international standards too!

Applications of Mexiko Wonder PVC Insulation Tape:

  • Color coding: Different areas where copper wires are used have different voltage of current. To resist the voltage there are different colors of PVC Insulation Tapes. That helps to resist the different voltage of current and color code the wires.
  • Insulation: Insulation is nothing but to strop the passage of heat & electricity from one conductor to the another. PVC Insulation Tapes, helps to achieve this function very effective & in appropriate manner.
  • Bundling:  Bundling is nothing but, taking two or more electrical cables and bundle them together by using a specific bind. That bind can be made from PVC insulation tape. This efficiently organizes the cables in a way that simplifies your applications
  • Splicing: The process of combining 2 different or same lengths of wires, so that they can carry a current is splicing. There are many ways to splice the wires. The joint formed is normally called as splice, which can be joined with the help of an PVC Insulation Tape. A good splice should be both mechanically secure and also form an electrical connection.
  • Protection: The objective of protection in any electrical system is to keep the complete power system stable, by ensuring the isolation of the only the components that are under fault as well as ensuring proper flow of power, heat & electricity in between the wires without damaging the system.

Thus, our Mexiko Wonder PVC Insulation Tapes have features that stand out from other products available in market, and has some applications to make our lives easy!

Our other brands in PVC insulation Tapes are GOMEC, Reindeer & Reindeer Wonder which has some outstanding features too, stay tuned and watch this space for information on these brand too! Follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, Instagram & YouTube and stay updated about our products !

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