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PTFE Thread Seal Tape and its Features!

PTFE Thread Seal Tape and its Features!

Our PTFE Thread Seal tape is an extruded polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) film, which has an extremely low coefficient of friction. Its nonconductivity makes it an excellent insulating material. It is nonreactive to numerous chemicals, making it very effective in pipework and containers for reactive and corrosive substances. PTFE thread seal tape is wrapped in a convenient spool and locking cap and is easy to use.

It is widely used for waterproofing, engineering, construction, and stopping water pipes from leaking. It is used in Domestic Plumbing, Chemical Plants, Auto Industries, Medical Equipment, Food Processing Units, Pharmaceutical Industries, Refineries, Gas Cylinders, and Hydraulic & Pneumatic Equipment. It is suitable for humid and low-temperature environments.

Features of our Thread Seal Tape:

  • Quick, clean, tight sealing: The thin material of our PTFE Thread Seal tape, makes it really easy and quick as well as tight sealing of PVC, CPVC, and metal threads
  • Risk Reduction: Since it is made up of 90% PTFE and 10% Nickel, it reduces the risk of cross contamination that are most common with liquid and paste sealant
  • Adaptability: The thin material with combination of PTFE and Nickel, makes it very easy to adapt to any metal/plastic connection to ensure a proper seal
  • Prevent leaks: The tight sealing of PTFE Tape around the gaps between the two pipes, prevents the leakage, and ensures safety!
  • Variety: Gomec PTFE comes in two colors, i.e., White and Yellow. The white PTFE Tape is 7-Meter long whereas, Yellow PTFE Tape is 10 Meter longs, with width 12mm each. We also have PTFE Thread Seal Tape under the brand name Mexiko Wonder, which is 10 Meter long and yellow in color with 12mm width. Thus providing you a variety of range to choose between.

Hence, fully tested, our PTFE Thread Seal Tape is one of its kind, giving us variety to choose from, provides quick clean and tight sealing, and is perfect to use on surfaces like PVC< CPVC and Metals.

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